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Dish Washing Block

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This block of solid dishwashing soap gets you one step closer to the plastic-free kitchen you’ve been working on. Its rich lather cuts through grease on your baking sheet, but, much like liquid dish soap, multitasks magnificently. Use it for cleaning your caked-on cooktop, stain treatment on laundry, or spot cleaning your favorite rugs. You won’t miss the plastic bottle by the sink. This Soap Shelf is specifically designed to fit both the "regular" and "huge" options! Looking for something to catch drips from the counter? Check out this Soap Dish.

Ingredients: Sodium cocoyl isethionate, sodium cocoate, alkyl sulfonates, alkyl polyglucosides, sodium carbonate, vegetable glycerin, quillaja saponaria, aloe vera leaf, citric acid, purified water, sodium benzoate

Care & Use Instructions: Keep the block on a well-draining tray and/or dish by the sink, but be sure it isn’t sitting in water where it can mold/mildew. Simply rub a wet dish brush or cloth on the soap bar and wash dishes as usual.

Regular: approx. 4" x 3" x 1"

Huge: approx. 4" x 3" x 3"

Regular: 5.9 oz of bar soap, packaged in a recyclable paper box. Replaces one regular-sized bottle of liquid dish soap!

Huge: 22.9 oz of bar soap with a recyclable paper sleeve. Replaces 3-4 bottles of liquid dish soap!

Pictured brushes: Knob Brush, Dish Scrub BrushReplaceable Head Dish Brush & Loofah Sponges

Looking for liquid dish soap? Check out Clean Plate Club.

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Jen M
Favorite Soap for dishes and skin

This is my favorite soap ever! It is not only for dishes, but for my hands and face too. It leaves dishes clean with no perfumes and keeps my skin soft and moisturized.

Steph K
My mom doesn't get it, but my dad does.

tldr; sudsy, cleans well, works great lasts a realllllly long time if treated well (don't leave it in a sink full of water). Awesome purchase. Have bought several and will keep buying them!

I have been using the Dish Washing Block for over a year now and I absolutely love it. It suds, it cleans, it lasts does everything but drive my car.

Srsly though, this is another great example of how economical going plastic-free can be. This bar lasts a really long time (months in my house) and I just bought the "huge" size, which has been sitting for about a month now because the final pieces of my smaller bar are still hanging in there.

My mom can't stand the bar...why? I have no idea. I think she's a member of, "I-can't-fill-the-sink-full-of-sudsy-water-so-it-must-not-be-clean Club" You know, ICFTSFOSWSIMNBC. It's a misguided organization at best. Anywho, so one day she breaks down and is like, "Why can't you have liquid dish soap like normal adults?!" So I acquiesced because mom needs liquid soap! [see my review of Clean Plate Club Liquid Dish pump]

Bottom line - this is a great purchase even if it pisses your mom off.

So sudsy!

We have not missed our liquid detergent at all. This stuff gets so sudsy and is so much more accessible than needing to pump out liquid soap in the middle of washing. We put a few bits of the block in an old wine bottle with some water for when we need liquid soap, and it works great. Tip for keeping the block clean of food bits: make sure the brush is very sudsy before putting on dirty dishes and rinse well.


Switching out my old system of liquid dish soap to this Dish Block is a whole new experience in doing dishes. Clearly our house now uses less product & the soap itself really gets the job done. Pair with a handled brush for sure.

Tara Ellenwood
Bar dish soap

This soap lasts so long and give my dishes such a good clean and cuts through grease better than anything else!