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Kitchen Swaps

Kitchen Swaps

Looking to reduce waste and adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, but not sure where to begin? Consider starting in the kitchen.

Of the entire food supply in the US, the USDA estimates that between 30-40% of it becomes waste. Food waste prevention starts by shopping with intention and only buying what you're sure you'll be able to consume before it goes bad. Then you can help keep the food you do purchase from becoming waste by properly storing it at home and preventing spoilage. Even then, waste happens, and seeking out a resource for composting (in your back yard, municipal collection, community drop-off, or through a paid service) keeps food out of our landfills. Food that winds up in landfills is quickly cut off from oxygen and begins anaerobic decomposition which produces methane. Methane is a greenhouse gas that is about 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

SO! You can see why we're always on about keeping food out of the trash. And we just scratched the surface, so we'll be sure to put together another blog on just that subject and link it HERE when we do. 

And then you've got plastic sponges and plastic bottles that we cycle through in the kitchen. Anyway, let's get on to talking about those swaps. Check out some of our favorites for storing food before and after you cook it as well as cleaning up after it's all gone. 

Food Huggers & Stashers

Food Storage

Food Huggers

Perfect for those halves of onions, covering open cans of beer, avocados,  and beyond. Plus, when not in use, they nest compactly for space-saving storage. Check out Food Huggers Lids to hug the sides of your bowls & seal in contents while still being able to see inside. 100% BPA & phthalate-free. 100% FDA food-grade silicone. Dishwasher safe and super convenient.

Beeswax Food Wrap

Whether you're taking a sandwich or pizza slice on-the-go, or covering potato salad en route to a potluck, all you need is the heat of your hands to mould these sheets around whatever you're wanting contained. A unique benefit of beeswax wraps is that they're breathable, so, products like cheese or mushrooms that prefer airflow, will last longer in storage.


Cheeses, dog treats, toiletries, your phone at the beach—these water-tight silicone bags are ideal for storing just about anything. Not to mention (okay, we're mentioning it), they can be frozen, microwaved, baked, and boiled. Then you can just run it through the dishwasher for easy cleaning before using it for years and years to come.

Produce Bag

Do away with those single-use plastic bags at every corner of the produce section of your average grocery store, and swap them out for reusable cotton bags! The tare value is conveniently printed on the tag, so there's no having to remember to weigh before filling. 

Kitchen Swaps: Doing the Dishes

Kitchen clean-up is another area where waste runs rampant. Dish brushes, those blue sponges that hold in an immense amount of bacteria, that bottle of dish soap at the ready—all generally packaged in unnecessary single-use plastic.


Dish Soap

Solid or liquid? We're fans of both, and have found folks definitely have their own preferences, so we carry vegan, plastic-free options in both forms! Sudsier and better at cutting through grease than any plastic-bottled counterparts we've tried.


Loofah Sponges for a good scrub, Wool Dish Sponges for an antimicrobial & fast-drying gentle clean, and Swedish Dish Cloths to sop up any and every spill (say goodbye to single-use paper towels).  No more microplastics being sent down our kitchen sinks!


Prefer brushes to sponges? We have a vast selection of plant-based brushes for your choosing from Bottle Brushes to Veggie Brushes. Take your pick. 

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